Services & Specialties


All traditional types of  patent search can be accommodated:

landscape, patentability and novelty, product clearance,
     invalidity, due diligence,
portfolio curation,  alert service.

But why not put the Pareto principal to work for your IP knowledge management:

namely,  80% of the profit comes from 20% of the work.

We try to focus on the important 20%.


  • Patent PrequelsSM
  • Landscape and whitespace
  • Patentability and novelty
  • Product clearance
  • Invalidity
  • Due diligence
  • Portfolio curation
  • Alert service


Patent PrequelsSM : 

     Before spending thousands on your idea, only to have it hit turbulence during examination, a patentability screen at the start might save you a lot of bad news later.

      We will examine your invention for patentability of subject matter and search for prior art. The results let you decide whether to move forward, and give clues to successful wording and claims to avoid in your application.

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to discuss this fast and cost-effective means to get your patent off the drawing board.